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ASE conference

The Association for Science Education

Thanks to all the teachers who came to Colin’s talk at this week’s Association for Science Education (ASE) www.ASE.org.uk annual meeting in Reading.  It was fun to meet you, to find out more about what’s going on in schools, and to share our enthusiasm for biology!

As promised, here’s a PDF of the slides for: Transforming Photosynthesis: frontier biology for a changing world (I had to compress the file, so some of the pics might be a little fuzzy). A video of the talk will be posted here.

Some associated web resources you might find useful …..

1. Crop production on Earth – facts, figures and maps. The resources page includes videos of some compelling talks aimed at non-specialists: http://gli.environment.umn.edu

2. Cyanobacteria enslaved as chloroplasts in the leaves of plants:

3. I love this NASA animation of global photosynthesis “powering life on our planet” – 20 years of data compiled into a “time lapse” video – it’s truly awe-inspiring! http://archive.org/details/SVS-3451 download in various formats / resolutions

4. Ongoing research to transform photosynthesis using carbon-concentrating mechanisms:

* C4 Rice Project: www.c4rice.irri.org and www.3to4.org

* Combining algal and plant photosynthesis (CAPP) – the website includes resources for teachers: cambridgecapp.wordpress.com

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