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Funded PhD and postdoc projects

Funded PhD projects are posted on FindAPhD and funded research positions are posted on Jobs.ac.uk. Colin will link to these from his twitter feed @sheffieldplants, so follow for the latest…

Potential PhD and postdoc projects

We also welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students and postdocs, and will work with promising candidates to develop funding proposals for international PhD funding schemes, and post-doc programmes such as EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowships. If we have no funded positions available (see links above), you’ll need to have ideas about how we can fund your work.

The Research pages on this site detail our general interests, but we would particularly like to develop projects looking at the following question:

To what extent is plant growth controlled by the supply of carbon from canopy photosynthesis (source strength) verses the demand for carbon in growing tissues (sink strength)?

This question is relevant for a number of potential study systems, including temperate and tropical woodlands and savannas, and both temperate and tropical crops.

1. Carbon sequestration by trees

How do the relationships between carbon source and sink strengths differ among tree species?

How do rising atmospheric CO2, soil nutrient supply, temperature and drought influence source-sink interactions in trees?

Keywords: carbon sink, forest productivity, savannas, woodlands

2. Improving crop production

How have crop domestication and breeding changed the interactions between carbon source and sink strengths?

Can we use knowledge of these interactions to increase the response of crop production to rising atmospheric CO2?

Keywords: crop improvement, climate change, wheat, rice

If you are interested in any of these areas, and have ideas about how to fund your research in Sheffield, then email Colin Osborne.