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Angela White

Angela WhitePhD Student


“Why do some plants grow faster than others?”  

My PhD focuses on understanding the limitations on plant growth rates imposed by sink and source activity, using a holistic approach involving both experimental and modelling work.  I am working on domesticated annual and wild perennial barley: Hordeum vulgare and Hordeum bulbosum, and manipulating the source:sink balance using different levels of carbon dioxide and mineral nutrients.

My project is split between the University of Sheffield and Brookhaven National Laboratory in the USA.
My research is funded by the Society for Experimental Biology.

Career History

  • 2015 The Conversation UK, London.  Freelance science editing.
  • 2012 National Institute for Agricultural Botany (NIAB), Cambridge, UK.  
    “Investigating photosynthesis in wild wheat” – as part of the LoLa wheat pre-breeding programme.
  • 2011 High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia.  
    “Investigating photosynthesis in wheat ears”
  • 2008-2011 University of Cambridge.  BA in Natural Sciences specialising in Plant Sciences.
    Final-year research project: “Regulation by liquidation?  Acclimation to low and high light conditions in Guzmania monostachia, Asplenium nidus and Phalaenopsis spp.”