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PEPg workshop

Marj, Georg, Catherine and Colin were in Portugal last week for the SEB/BES workshop on field techniques in Plant Environmental Physiology. With Portuguese maquis vegetation outside the door at La Quinta, and the long history of classic ecophysiology work at this site, we had a stimulating, inspiring and fun few days.

Colin ran a practical session on energy balance measurements and calculations, together with Miguel Costa from the University of Lisbon, and some of the folks from Delta-T Devices, who provided a weather station and diffusion porometer.  We borrowed a FLIR infrared camera to illustrate some of the key components of energy balance.

With measurements made on-site, we ran a simple model to calculate VPD, and a more complex model to solve a simple leaf energy balance. For any workshop participants who are interested in running these for themselves, the code is provided below. You will first need to install R (here), then change pathnames in the code to match the locations of files on your computer. Then you should be able to run the code step-by-step, as we did in the workshop.

colin’s r code


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